I AM a Seer and I carry the Stargate Codes of the New Dawn.


I work with the Angelic Kingdom, The Ascended Masters, The Ancients, The Lighted Star Beings, The Great Goddesses & Gods and Mother Earth. Seeing no separation between the Divine and the physical world, I've found my life's work is to integrate the two.

My  journey began at 3 years old when I recognized God's voice within. My sight burst open at 11 when Yeshua and Mother Mary appeared before me. A  full-on death experience in the hospital at 15 led to my search and propelled me onto my path. I have performed countless  healings, have channeled the Masters and have taught the ways of Spirit.

I see the energy held within everything. 

​I AM clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant. ​I have been on the path for over 40 years and have led many to heal their deepest wounds... and emerge free.